Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 4 Photos

 Sisters Hartley, Johnson and Ripa and I
 Sisterly love!!! 

 the new Danes, Elders Brady and Bateman and Sister Ripa, and I 
 New Danes are pretty cooooool!

 with my Nebraska-bound friend! 

 An artsy and meditative tulip pic with us zendelingen bound for the Land of the Tulips

 the whole zone! 

  Solo Sister companion roommates

 selfie with the Bulgarians whose 9 weeks are up and they just left!

a lesson which involved our Graphic Design Major teacher drawing our faces on the board and for every sentence we translated correctly into nederlands we got to choose what he'd add, and if we didn't, he chose... 

 Not enough room in departing missionaries' luggage= free scarves for us Dutchies

 Residence Hall fun

 and saying good-bye to our awesome teacher (and first onderzoeker, Robert), Broeder Robinson (he leaves on vacation to Caribbean and won't be back until we've left), he's awesome and we'll miss him! 

 P-day laundry fun!

 Flag pics!

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