Monday, April 14, 2014

WARNING: this post is not for the squeamish. NOT RECOMMENDED for anyone over the age of 25.

(1st email sent on Pday):  Can't wait to write you later, stay tuned for an exciting week full of pooping in a cup, off-campus best friend baptisms, private mtg in the MTC Pres. office, and an "investigator" revealed.....

So, last Tuesday was Magic Tuesday, which is what our zone calls the day that the missionaries applying to get a Belgian VISA get called into the Missionary Clinic and are given instructions for doing a stool sample.. a nice way of saying we got to poop in a cup! Haha it was pretty funny, and makes for some nice bragging rights. I sent some pics of the kit before.. and spared you an after pic. 

Be jealous that you don´t get to be in this uplifting environment, strengthening your testimony and learning a new language.. but count yourself lucky for not having to poop in a cup this week! ;)  

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