Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Leaving Florida....

Last beach trip in sunny Florida

Then Eliza spent her last week in snowy Washington D.C.

 Visiting the awesome Perez family
 and the awesome Washington D.C. temple
It was so neat to be joined by 5 families we knew and loved while living in Germany, who have all moved to the D.C. area
 Getting advice from D.C. Visitor's Center sister missionaries (including one from the Netherlands!)

 Last kayakying trip with Dad and Josh

 And the very last thing Eliza did before leaving home for 18 months? Skype with Madi, who is in Russia.
Saying our goodbyes at the airport

 The world traveler is ready to conquer the world on her own...

 My last glimpse of Eliza -- there's her head at the top of the escalator. What an emotional moment for a mother!

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