Monday, April 7, 2014

Photos -- first days in the MTC!

Monday morning, April 7
Hey! I get an hour to write to you later, but while we're doing laundry we're allowed to send some pics!!! So here you go :) 
 my companions Zuster Johnson and Soster Hartley

Elders Melligen and Hendersen and I during classroom study
our zone taking a walk between conference sessions
pointing to our missions on the famous huge MTC map- in our zone there is one Sister going to West Indies, one Elder going to Denmark, one Elder and one Sister going to Norway, three Elders going to Sweden, and two Elders plus me going to Belgium/ Netherlands!
 taking a temple walk

my first lesson (day 3) in Dutch
Here is me and Soster (the cool Norweigan "o") Hartley! We're making S's for Solos. She's super cool! That was at temple walk yesterday!!

Pressed for time and can only do 2 at once aw I have lots more pics!  Hopefully I'll be able to send a few more that were taken on other people's cameras later, too. :) 
Zuster Riley :) 

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