Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Isabella's Baptism

Eliza's best friend at BYU was a non-member from Chicago named Isabella. They both lived in Helaman Halls and had 6 months of crazy adventures together. Just before Eliza left BYU at the end of February, Isabella told Eliza that she had decided to get baptized in April! Isabella's job is working at the MTC as an Investigator for the missionaries to "practice" on! When Eliza told me in March, "Maybe they'll let me leave the MTC and attend Isabella's baptism," I told her that they don't even let people out for funerals and weddings, so I told Eliza not to plan on it...  but here's an amazing story in this week's email!

So, on Thursday Morning right after gym, we have weekly service (cleaning the bathrooms), and as Sisters Hartley and Johnson and I were taking out some bags of trash, an official looking secretary walked briskly toward me, holding a paper upon which was printed my name, info, and picture of my face, and informed me that I needed to follow her right away because the MTC President, President Nally, wanted to speak to me. The whole way over there and the moments waiting outside in suspense, I was bracing myself for being told I was being sent home (no idea why, but that’s the only reason I"d heard of for personal meetings with him, and maybe it was because I was a SOLO Sister which means it looks like I’m always hanging around Elders and ditching my companion), and when he called me in and said, "Sister Riley, I'm sure you know why you’re here" I told him that I actually didn’t, but then he asked me if I knew an Isabella Errigo, and I said of course I did, and was pretty relieved and EXCITED when he told me he had just emailed Isabella’s boss (MTC TRC coordinator) that I would be getting permission to go to her baptism! It worked out pretty nicely because it was in the Bell Tower Chapel between the MTC and the Chapel, so my Solo Comps and I got to go on Saturday! It was sooo neat and I am so glad I got to go and am SO excited for her, I kinda started crying when I saw Isabella, and it was so great to see everyone again! It said on the program that the Invocation would be given by "Eliza Riley".. who dat? Because I only know a "Zuster Riley" haha. 

  with Sos Hartley at Isabella's baptism!

 College friends! 

Chipman 3100 + Elliot 

 Phil Honors friends

 guy friends who I can no longer put my arms around in pics haha! 

  Elliot (future Elder in Uganda- which as Invisible Children Pres. you know I will always have a special place in my heart for the people of that country!)

Ex- roomie!

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