Monday, April 28, 2014

Video from Isabella!

E-mail from Isabella:
So I saw Eliza one last time last week on my last day of work! I went home Friday night so I won't be seeing her again :( it was a real good bye that time! But she bore her testimony in Dutch for me to record and send to you! I hope it works!!

(Thanks, Isabella! Way to make a mom smile. And cry.)


E-mail from the MTC today:
Hoi Momma Bear! Just so you know, I'm getting permission to write you super quickly to let you know that when you don't get pictures/ an email about my week from me today, it's because we got a new schedule and our P-day is now on Wednesday! Love you guys!  Tot Woensdag... Zuster Riley (:  


  1. Listen to you speak! I am so impressed! : )

    Love you, sweet Sister Riley

  2. sounds like lazy German hahahh! Can't get over how similar it is!

  3. You've done so well there in your two months of intensive learning. I look forward to all your emails and blog entries from the Netherlands. Best of "luck" (which means "blessings") when you get there!
    Lots of love -- Aunt Mary

  4. Great Job on your language skills. All those places your parents exposed you to have paid off! May God Bless You Every Day!

    Sister Cox