Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Days 9 and 10 - Groningen and Delft

We met up with Elwin and Swapna (friends who've come to church/ made us dinner/ met with us a few times) and some of the missionaries serving in Groningen, and ran into Oviedo (a YSA) downtown at the market!
With Marleen, a recent convert YSA (well, not so recent anymore- she and Koen both got baptized when Eliza was a greenie in Groningen, and are doing great now). 

The group... pre-herring.
The open market - watch out for bikers



Apparently, jawel, 't is lekker!

I bravely sampled Belgian frites (with curryketchup) and a fresh stroopwafel while these others sampled raw herring. 
Sending off some last postcards from Europe.

Climbing the Martinitoren- glad Koen took us to do that, beause despite serving in Groningen twice, she hadn't climbed it yet. 
With Koen!

Bird's eye view of where we just were.

Her bike has had a good long life, but is still barely hanging in there.. currently being used by a new missionary, actually. 
Matching genie pants with Zuster Romig! 

 So nice of the Romigs (senior couple in Groningen) to let us stay the night with them and get to know their awesome selves.

 You pass so many of these along the road.
 We drove along the afsluitdijk (closure dike)- over 20mi (32km) long!

 Some Dutch cows (preparing some lekker Dutch cheese?)


2 - and one wannabe- Nederlanders. 

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