Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 2 - Amsterdam and Den Haag

not hard to find a good place to snap a beautiful classic Dutch picture in this city

 The secret annex.
 Anne Frank Huis.

In front of the Anne Frank house. 

 This represents our many struggles with parking garages and paying for public parking while touring Europe in our trusty little auto. Some would claim that Europe is much easier to navigate with a bike/ public transportation. (:
 Den Haag
 With Zusters Nyakoh and Doxey (currently serving in The Hague).
 Eating herring.. or something like that. Look how daring they are!
"The whole year long.. tasty and healthy." 

 Bikes + small children = not a problem here.
 "I think I'll stick with the swedish fish for now.. "

 Peace Palace selfie

 This is for you, Madi! We found the Kosovar embassy. (: Den Haag is quite the international city, it's awesome.
 In front of the Peace Palace (UN International Courthouse), we ran into Brother Johnston from the Wassenaar ward heading into a case (Eliza knows their family and has been to their house- the Johnstons are both diplomats).

 With the amazing Zuster Van der Scheer (and the amazing sister missionaries). She has them over every Friday night for dinner. She made us a casserole with zuurkool (sauerkraut), dried fruit, and potatoes.

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