Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 3 and 4 - Turnhout, Belgium

 Back in Turnhout!
 With Kathleen and her adorable kids. (:


 We loved the fresh olives and samples at the Markt.
 Fresh European bakery bread...
...and fresh appelkruimel. 
 Inside St. Pieterskerk.

 Breathtaking stained glass and paintings.

 Takin' a visit to the confession booth.

We ran into the Iranian owner of a local Frituurke who's become a good friend of the missionaries. 
 With Aline (an investigator who Eliza met on the bus last fall in Belgium).
Cool wall art. 

 "My house is a house of prayer"

These beautiful gardens and little brick houses are part of a former convent. 

The Taxandria museum

 Belgian chocolates in one of many chocolatiers we experienced.

80% of the playing cards used in Las Vegas are made in Turnhout. 
First Belgian waffle. 
 We visited Tommy, a really nice Belgian man who got baptized while Eliza was serving in Turnhout. He's getting a job translating for the Church and shared some Looza ACE kiwi juice with us (just like old times).

 This former castle is now the courthouse.
 I spy a church building!
"De Kerk van Jezus Christus van de Heiligen der Laatste Dagen"
 Our view out the window driving from Turnhout to Antwerpen.
 There's a giant old church in the center of every dorpje (village).
Side trip to Antwerp for dinner 

Lekker zucchini lasagne with pumpkin-coconut sauce, and a Mediterranean quinoa salad.. mm and 7 euro water to wash it all down (they don't do tap water). 

 The amazing Familie Van Gijsel!
 Emilie, her boyfriend Aaron, Leander, Zuster and President Van Gijsel, Thymen, and Julius. (:

 Jumping pictures!

Photo shoot between general conference sessions.

I wanted to get a pic of Eliza with a horse on a leash (left) to go along with the pic Madi sent from Albania with a bear on a leash (right). Fun to see what animals are taken for walks in different countries!

 Peace and pout was cool 18 months ago?..
 Mom and daughter, reunited.

 Collage made by Emilie.
Makin' music!.. or something like that. 
Familie Nwafor. (: 

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