Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 7 - From Paris to Trier, Germany

Une église en France.
 The Reims cathedral.
 Tommy got us both hooked on this green kiwi- grape juice.

 A WWII memorial for those soldiers from this small French village.
 We loved the red ivy.

 Back to Belgium! This time, driving through the Southern French-speaking portion (known as Wallonia).
 Bouillon, Belgique was beautiful.

 Real Belgian frites.
We really wanted to find a restroom but public restrooms aren't always to be found. We decided access to a restroom was worth the price of a plate of fries. We couldn't finish all these fries, so Eliza wrapped a few in a napkin to bring home to Rachel and Josh. And, as she expected, once she arrived home and unpacked, Rachel and Josh immediately ate the week-old Belgian frites. What cultural children I have!

 Look, ancient castle ruins.

 Welcome to Trier, Germany.

 Deutschland ist natürlich sehr schön.

 Ein Deutsches Abendessen (zum Beispiel Kartoffeln mit Senf).
 Nice restaurant.
 Trier is the oldest city in Germany, and still has Roman architecture to prove it.

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