Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 8 - Groningen

Hoi! Wow, this week was great, a highlight was definitely K's doopdienst (baptism) on Saturday! One of the speakers got sick, so I actually got to give the first talk on baptism... it actually went well, but wow, didn't think I'd be speaking at a baptism in front of his 30 smart-looking debate club fraternity college friends and family who is a little wary of why he's changed so quickly ten weeks in, intimidating!.. but it was so neat, K is such an example to ME! I've noticed that Dutch converts here won't just make life changes for social reasons, so if they're joining the Church, they know what they're getting themselves into and are strong members for life. H, who baptized him, is awesome and rad and has a band called Harm's Fork. 

Yesterday we visited one of my favorite people here so far, "Tex," who is 97 years old and speaks Spanish and English and Dutch and used to be a Seventy General Authority. He repeats himself a lot, so it's a good thing he has hilarious stories, and talks about when he was serving as a missionary in Belgium and met this missionary who "had these little radios in his ears [headphones] and didn't wanna work so I beat the he_ _ outta him... do any of you Elders wrestle? C''mere," and then he puts ‘em in a headlock with his frail little body, it's so funny, and he's such a spiritual giant and always has his gospel doctrine and living prophets books out and says "okay missionaries, teach me something I don't know about the gospel" and says he's so proud of us for preaching up the gospel and building His kingdom and the reason he's so old is because he's always on his knees praying  and when I sat next to him on his bed to pray (so he can hear- we have to yell 4 or 5 times every time we say something) he winked at me and said "now don't get too comfortable here," oh what a jokester, but such a spiritual giant too. 

We also have a 46-yr old flamboyant Indonesian (semi-)progressing investigator who is really nice and loves meeting with us (his mom is a member and sits in on the lessons, too) to talk about "'Liefde'' and good vibes and who said "Zooooooster, do you play the violin? I knew it! I heard violins when I shook your hand," and doesn't leave without a gift. I got a bouquet of flowers with a NL flag and soap and conditioner hahah. 

On Friday we were looking up a referral and got caught in some heavy rain (my first real NL shower) and huddled under a tree looking at a map, and everyone in the appt. next to us were looking at us Americans like we were crazy, and a mom even lifted her toddler up so she could see us better! I think they missed the part where one of them invites us in to stay dry, and we share a message, etc.... 

Sweet M, who we had set a baptismal date with, decided to push it back because of doubts/ school mentor and family encouraged her not to rush/ maybe she should read and learn more, but she still loves church/ institute/ lessons/ the gospel! 

Josh, you're a teenager!!! Wow! I went down to Leiden for some legality paperwork, and got two letters from home, aw thanks! 


Zuster Riley (: 

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