Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 7 photos - 1st week in the Netherlands!

Biking home! We live in Leweborg, in Groningen 
 Downstairs where we eat/ study,

&We even have a piano! Too bad we're never home! 

 Front of our house- hoiiii Zuster Meier! 

 First full day- got a bike!

 "Dutch lunch" is bread/ crackers/ rice cakes + spreadable cheese or other cheese or hoemoes (hummus) or pindakaas (literally means peanut cheese, hah it's peanut butter), yum! 

 SO PRETTY, love canals and the sun! 

 Companions, canals and craziness

 Groningen Ward bldg! 

 Juliana Street for my camel from another mammal, Juliana Mikolajcik!

 My first "picture date" (not allowed at the MTC hahaha) with Elder Knudsen, we have a mutual friend at the MTC 

 Our back yard! 

 2 sets of stairs in a missionary "appt" - not too shabby haha

 Where we sleep! 

Our neighborhood! 

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