Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week 6 - last Saturday in the MTC

Hey! As I mentioned, we get to do laundry/ email home real quick/ pack today so just popping in to fill you in on the latest in my life as a Zuster zendeling. 

So they say that missionary work shouldn't be centered around numbers, but I think the MTC gym is an exception- which is why I've been working on my nightly push-ups (record is 56) and using my time on the track (mile record is 6:13) so I could get my name on the wall and beat some MTC gym records. However, this week I've been feeling kinda sick, but when I found out that the girls' push-up record was literally that- girl (knee) push-ups, I decided I was feeling well enough to pump out 57 of those, which I did this morning, so now my name will be on the wall. (: 

Here's something really unfortunate: (one elder) has an ingrown toenail, and because there are no doctors to operate on him today, he just found out he'll have to wait up to 2 weeks to leave, and is understandably very disappointed. Especially considering how we had "In-Field Orientation" all day yesterday, which got us all so excited to get out there in about a day. Something that stood out to me at In-Field yesterday is the stress on not labeling certain missions/ areas as the world (they specifically used Europe as an example) as not being as "successful," "receptive to the gospel," etc- the whole field is white and ready to harvest, not just certain patches. With the right attitude and commitment, as far as I'm concerned, the Netherlands is the new Brazil (:. 

Wow, the Salt Lake area sure will be a change from Ukraine, and I'm sure it will be hard leaving a country and language and culture and investigators you've fallen in love with, but Elder Riley will be just as awesome there as he was in Eastern Europe! Maybe Mitt Romney can go on splits with him- he owns a house in Park City! My good MTC friend Sister Melanson is leaving for there on Monday.

Also, tell the Perez family to check out my blog- the pics with Sister Modersitzki- because they're super good family friends from when the Perez's lived in Utah!!!! So crazy when we found that out!!!!!!!!! 

I'm so excited to talk to you guys tomorrow! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM! Have you seen any of the new videos that focus on #itwasmom and how Motherhood is the highest and holiest calling?  U bent geweldig. (:
Met liefde, 

Zuster Riley 

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