Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 43 - Transfer 7

Contacting this cool guy

Goeie dag beste Familie!
Good week this week, but short email this week because I don't have much time! And I just took up time and space apologizing for not having time haha whoops. (; Anyways, wow yesterday was cool.. we went to Ermon's place after church (and he'd come to church again, and to the seminary activity with his son on Friday night) and he casually asked me what exactly he has to do to be baptized as we were chatting and I whipped out the baptismal calendar (that we were planning on introducing to him) and we set a date for 28 February.. but, turns out his "wife" is technically his girlfriend so we'll have to talk to him about that, but it was so neat to see him express this desire.. he is awesome and loves these concepts of finding out for one's self/ doing things out of one's own free will.

And then Kathleen surprised us and was at church and she is seriously so awesome and made cute scripture cases for her (beautifully marked-up btw) scriptures out of jeans and is totally going to have to teach me how to do that and she is just so cool and I was so so happy to see her! She is a miracle.

Also, Z. Castro is awesome and we were sitting on the bus across from this 25yr old lady reading a book and Z. Castro said something along the lines of "hey, you like to read? Want a free book?" and then whispered to me to make the BoM sound good and we ended up having a really good discussion with her about why certain things happen in this life (she works with mentally handicapped) and Z. Castro was so great and sharing scrips and we'll swing by and visit Laura again this week!

Also, Z. Castro's bike got stolen last week but a sweet member Zuster Dhondt gave us her old one which we went to pick up so it all worked out, the members are so great here! By the way wow Zuster Dhondt has a cool story- she used to be a Catholic nun until she was about 40! Also, we couldn't take the bike back on the bus, so I got a long run again finally which felt so good.

So, the street musicians totally invited us over to their yurt to exchange beliefs and we had an appt. set up but then they felt that God didn't want us to meet (after we asked if the zone leaders, who would be working with us that day, could accompany us) and I was honestly pretty disappointed because that seemed so neat and interesting, but everything happens for a reason because we went to a Frituur\ cafe for lunch and the owner there was so cool and sat down and talked to us and was originally Iranian but grew up in Belgium and had his class clown/stand up comedian act on point because wow he was hilarious and quick on his feet but anyways he sat down and chatted with us for an hour because no customers and he likes to philosophize over these things (ie why do pictures of Adam and Eve show them having belly buttons if they weren't born) and he told us that he'd "coincidentally" found a Book of Mormon in his cupboard a mere hour beforehand (signed by Zuster Clement and Anjewierden) and we left it with him and gave him a chapter that he would find interesting. Love you all!
Veel liefs, 
Zuster Riley (: 

 Decorating Tommy's door! We were so sneaky... not. (: 

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