Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 41 - Turnhout

Train! Haha get it because training 

The grass is always greener?.. "I move to Florida" with Z. Castro and Young! 
Turnhout through the seasons. <3

 The cute and yummy cafe where Tommy took us! These pics don't help to refute the claim that all missionaries do is eat hahaha
One of the many delicious courses (all veggies here) ! 
With the chef himself! 
In his "office"
Nike meets Belgium = done right
Our new street musician friends! Very talented.

Hé Familie Riley!
So last week there were these really cool free-spirited street musicians who we stopped to listen to for a second and I took a video and left a coin and a card with our number/a note thanking them for the music on the back.. and guess who called us but a few hours later? Turns out they are also Christians and think it's really cool that we are young and energetic about our beliefs and they live on the outskirts of a nearby dorpje in a yurt (tent) and read the Torah and are very curious about exchanging beliefs- specifically curious about the Book of Mormon. I'm excited and interested!

We had a good lesson about the PoS with Isaac on Saturday (he says this'll be a slow process, but if we're patient with his "inquisitive" self, he likes the peace he is feeling, and his new family at church), and on Sunday afternoon he cooked us an about 7-course meal! Really good seasonings and veggies and yum.

Ermon's family is so great and Ermon wants to read the BoM from cover to cover and Pres. and Zuster Peeters came and hit it off with them and gave a really informative and visual description of the BoM which really helped them. I love Ermon's family, they are such good people! 

Tommy took us out to eat at a delicious cafe (he found out it was my birthday recently!) in Rijkevorsel and we had a good lesson/ discussion about the gift of the Holy Ghost, being a kind person versus doing kind things, changing behavior, motivations for obedience, and more, he's great. Love you guys!
Fijne week!

Zuster VanRijlie (: 

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