Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 42 - End of Transfer 6

Gent for P-day.. Gravensteen round 2! 
Where's the Scarlet Pimpernel when you need him? 

Fam. Vansteenbergen! 

Hé hé hé Familie! So I am staying in Turnhout for a FOURTH transfer! Which I am totally happy about because I love this place and the people.. And I'm staying with Zuster Castro which is the first time I'll be staying with a comp for 2 transfers! 

So this week we went to Br. Caers, a former member (actually branch president apparently)- the one who stopped us in Carrefour 2 months ago and we've swung by a few times and he's come to church a few times off and on- and it was a good talk, but was sad because he associates the church with fear and stress because his ex-wife forced him to go for a long time.. we have actually run into 2 other former members this week on the street, one who was active for 15 years and loves the church and members but had to stop coming 2 years ago because his family would disown him if he kept associating himself with us, and an ex- member who didn't go into full detail. We also swung by Mvr. Kockx, an inactive older lady who likes to knit sweaters and play the accordion more than she likes to come to church when it is cold. Attila is doing well and asking good questions about Law of Chastity/ Sabbath and came to Institute in Antwerpen with us and got a lot of D&C info thrown at him but enjoyed it and is excited about how much more he has to learn from us. Ermon came to church and said it felt like home, and wants his 12 yr old son to start coming to the Friday night seminary activities to make some good friends.

We met with Kathleen this morning- Zuster Janssen came, too- and had a great talk about Heavenly Father's plan for families. I sure am grateful for the knowledge that Heavenly Father has a plan for me, and that there is so much more than this temporary earth-life.

Zuster Jones and I had some interesting, long discussions with older Belgian men on the street, and I love the feeling of having answers and insights that shed some light on concerns and objections that people have carried around their whole lives (and often eventually given up hope that they can be answered). Onze lieve Mia, our cute 80 yr old neighbor, is getting kicked out of her house to a resthome within the next few weeks, and is not able to bring her beloved dog Bertje with her, really sad. Fijne verjaardag to Isabella Errigo and Rachel Riley! Love you guys! Here's to another wonderful 6 weeks of miracles in Zion- er, Turnhout!
Zuster Riley (: 

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