Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 34 - Turnhout

Hoi Familie Riley! 
Remember A who I've mentioned a lot because he's so smart and has progressed so much and who is working towards a baptismal date and who we've had really spiritual lessons with (but who is also crazy)? Well, turns out cigarettes aren't the only thing he'll have to stop smoking... he broke our hearts Sunday by coming to church so HIGH. I'm sure it sounds funny now, but when he was yelling out during President Peeter's talk and dancing during the intermediate hymn and fidgeting and mumbling and poking the kid is front of him it was pretty disappointing, not to mention embarrassing and disrespectful.

Zuster H is still on fire and I love that she loves contacting because it makes it so fun, and she cracks people up by how well she's mastered neder-engels already.. the other day, she told members that "ik eet iedereen!" (“I eat everyone!”) when she meant "ik eet alles!" (“I eat everything!”) haha the people love her, I love her!  Op Vrijdag (on Friday) a 91 year old lady named Julia let us in, and turns out she used to be a Catholic nun! She was so sweet and so Christian (and so old and alone! She told us we were the first people she'd seen all day)..

Zuster H and I are old lady magnets; that same night a cute older couple let us in and showed us pictures for an hour of their family on a road trip throughout the U.S... we kept trying to tie it into our beautiful message about eternal families, but the sweet lady seemed more excited to have two American girls give her their attention and to practice her English with us...
We also went over to Familie Vansteenbergen, the cute elderly members who I raved about a few emails ago, and I always feel the spirit so strongly in their house- they have so many cool stories and life experiences about the war/ being in a band/ running for the Belgian national team/ raising 6 kids/ having 9 siblings/ converting to the church/ Belgian traditions and holidays/ etc. and I could just talk to them all day! When Zuster Vansteenbergen talks about her hardworking, humble parents, she always says "als je goeie ouders hebt, ben je de rijkste persoon in de wereld," (“if you have good parents, you are the richest person in the world”) which is so true. 
We had another lesson with Attila, the German Javo (they call young adults Javos instead of Jovos in BE?) who is really open and cool, and we taught him the Plan of Salvation. We talked to Larissa about the abuse of faith/ religion, and Zuster H and I had a 2 hour companionship study (sorry taal (language)) exploring D&C 76, and talked with Tommy about questions and continuous learning.

We dropped R because after asking R what he's learned from meeting with the Sisters for a year, he told us that he believes that Joseph Smith's experience and the Book of Mormon is true, but our church has become corrupted with homosexuality and witchcraft and no longer has the priesthood.. honestly, they were some of the least convincing arguments I've come across, but it was still a little sad.. but if he comes to Church for the first time, we'd love to talk to him there- he really is a nice guy. But, we had a really cool lesson with Loris, a sweet new investigator from the Dom. Republic
Happy Thanksgiving! Love you!
Veel liefs, 
Zuster Riley 

Protest in Turnhout
Lights in Turnhout!

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