Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 32 - Photos from Belgium

On our way to Larissa's in Gierle, a 90 minute round trip op fiets (on bike)
Exploring the Belgian countryside in the dorpje of Arendonk, after meeting August Meeuns our new Belgian Opa and potential investigator, on our way to look up Jasper Smets, a self-referral from mormon.org (he wasn't home this time we went).

Antwerpen Centraal Station
Antwerpen Centraal!
Our coats
Sometimes planning is easier not on a chair.. 
(photo on the right, above) I'm still working getting warm boots so when we stopped by the church to print off a talk, this happened 
Is this real life? So pretty. This is our street we live on, and the same full moon that shone down on the street you live on. 

It starts getting dark at 5pm here, and apparently eventually gets dark at 4pm..But check out this cool picture of Zuster H at the grote markt 
(2 mins from our house). 

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