Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 24 - Last week in Gent, Belgium

 All photos are from the Mission Conference in Zoetermeer, Netherlands:

The "Seven straggler solo sisters".. huge groups of sisters are going home, and come December us 7 will be the only "old" ones left (there will be big waves coming in to replace them)

The elite group of sisters who were fortunate enough to get to be companions with (in my case, trained by) the wonderful Zuster Meier!

Zuster Wood and i were excited to see each other again.. just kidding, I love that girl. 

Zuster Verdegem! I know her family from Gent

Hoi Fam,
wow, not much time to email, but big and unexpected news; I am leaving to Turnhout, Belgium (near Antwerp and the north-central border) on Wednesday! Did not see that coming, and don't feel like I had enough time with the work/ people here at all.. but I'm excited for a new adventure nontheless!

The Ballard conference was amazing and i'll share my thoughts next week. I got to shake his hand!

Love you all! welcome home, Isaac- you trunky yet? (:

Z. Riley  

Women’s Broadcast that Eliza watched, for all the sisters in Europe:

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