Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 23 - Gent, Belgium

 The view from the bibliotheek where we email

Goedje middag, 
My heart is full... it's beautiful weather again, Zuster Stevens and I are getting along great, I get to talk to so many cool people all the time, the gospel is true- there are answers to my questions (answers that come with time and searching... my study journal is still packed with all my musings), there's a plan for everyone on earth and a meaning behind the madness.. and it's uplifting to log on to my email and hear from family and friends who are all doing well and involved in such neat, positive things. 

I've been devouring the end chapters about the great apostasy in Jesus the Christ and Z. Steven's collection of Elder (then president of the University) Holland's BYU speeches, and a stack of old Dutch Liahonas. How is studying PMG going?

Romain, the 20yo foetballer from the Ivory Coast who speaks 5+ languages is a sharp kid.. he's read through 2 Nephi 11 in less than two weeks after our initial contact (invited him to church Saturday after handing him a card while passing through the park- he came the next morning), because he realizes how important it is to find out for himself if our message is true. He stands in stark contrast to the young, anti-BoM "Christian" mother I met on the bus who was so accusing, contentious, willing to hear but unwilling to listen.. I just feel bad for her because she's missing blessings and the point.

Wilhelmina, our sweet 86 yr old ondersoekster confided in us of feelings of homesickness for Nederland and feelings of being forsaken during a bad marriage, and we had a powerful lesson about the atonement, ending with her asking us if she could come to church to see what we're all about (we've been inviting her every week haha). 

I felt the spirit so strongly during a lesson on the gospel with Kamil and convert of 3 years Broeder G.. we focused a lot on having faith in Jesus Christ (as a Muslim, dependence on Jesus Christ as our Savior to return to God is new to him), and it's so neat to see Kamil progressing and making the time to learn more because he knows this is good.. he read complete with highlighting verses that stood out to him. 

I've had some ridiculous conversations this week and on my mission, which may be a result of the crazies being the only ones willing to listen to us, and us being the only ones willing to talk with the crazies.. ha of course this is not true all the time, but some days it does seem to be the case. 
I love you all! 
Veel liefs,
Zuster Riley (: 

 Haha for Madi and Raigan Priest (her vegan twin and vegan friend)

Thought of you, Joshua PumpkinHead Riley (who does what he wants) (he's Eliza's 13 year-old-brother)

USA grocery store section haha 

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