Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 24 - A happy reunion!

This photo is from 2004, while we lived in England: Eliza (on the left, above)) loved Brother and Sister Vanderput. They were a Dutch couple serving a mission in England and they attended our little branch. They came over for Thanksgiving, spoke at Eliza and Madi's baptism, and all the children just adored them. After Eliza received her call to Belgium/Netherlands 10 years later, she said, "Maybe I'll find the Vanderputs!" Eliza carried this photo with her on her mission. She said she would keep it with her until she found the Vanderputs. 

And after 18 weeks in Netherlands/Belgium, they finally met up! 
I was reunited with my beloved European grandparents!!!! SO good to see them again.. I actually teared up when I saw Zuster Vanderput, and it was so good catching up with her. I only got to talk to Broeder Vanderput briefly, because he was the driver for Elder Ballard (a worthy excuse), but I don't have to be too worried because Zuster Vanderput, who is good friends with the Robinsons, requested that I come to Zoetermeer eventually and he agreed.. (: Wow, that was a really special reunion, though!!!
An email from the Vanderputs:
Last Thursday we finaly have met with Sister Riley. There was an All-Mission Conference here in Zoetermeer (where we live) with Apostel Ballard, Elder Hallstrom and Elder Dyches (2nd counselor in the Area Presidency).
Rolf was the driver for Elder Ballard and Thea and other sisters were preparing lunch for 180 missionaries.
It was wonderful to see her, she lookes great and speaks very good dutch. After lunch Thea spoke with her a couple of times and they huged a lot and made pictures.
Thea even got Pres. Robinson to promiss that Sister Riley could serve in Zoetermeer one day.
You can be proud of her. 
love and warm regards 
Rolf & Thea van der Put

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