Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 71 - Zoetermeer


With the Elders Davis and Stanger

Helmets with Baby Koko!  

Say "cheese"!  
Cheese lady

With Alexandra- look what she got in the mail! (a wedding announcement from Eliza's trainer!)

We love Familie Palacio! Sooo sweet and loving to the missionaries. Zuster Palacio is Russian and served a mission in Kyiev Ukraine and Broeder Palacio is a convert from Brazil and they have the cutest crazy little son named Lucas who ran out of the picture

With the Springers! The super cool senior couple who helped build the temple and are so amazing. They introduced us to their cute older friends today who live near the temple and "take care of Moroni" (they have a perfect view of him out of their window, and have kept contact with the Springers for 12 years sending Christmas cards back and forth) and we're going to hopefully visit them some more, and Broeder Springer found us two new potentials when they took us out to grab something to eat, ha ie to the waiter "hey, you see these two girls? Ever heard of the mormons? Wanna meet with them and talk?"

Delft round 2.. so beautiful! Two members from Den Haag gave us a tour today, super cool.  
Cute cafes

Haha "MTC Zoetermeer"

Dear Familie,
I'm doing well and had a great week. Don't have much time, but a few pictures is worth a few thousand words, right? (;
Love you all!
Liefs, Zuster Riley (:  

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