Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 70 - Happy August!

HELMETS! Tender mercy- I saw a helmet in a random thrift shop window the other day, and it was 2 Euros.. the bike stores that do sell them usually want 40-60Euro, so I was pretty happy ha. 

How do we look? (: 

The Haagse Markt with Diane (super sweet non-member who we met at weekly yoga) with her cute and crazy kids, Bram and Marijke, so fun. 

Hey Family! 
First of all, Happy Birthday, Dad! I mean, gefeliciteerd voor jouw verjaardag. 

So, A, who I recently raved about after having a cool first lesson with him, got really stuck on his claim that if God is unchanging, why is the Sabbath now on Sunday/ first day of the week when in the Old Testament it's on the seventh (he's not 7th day adventist or Jewish btw), but hopefully he'll listen to our explanation about Christ fulfilling Law of Moses/ being resurrected on the first day/ eternal principles and current-day prophets.. he'll be leaving soon on vacation for two months, but wants to come to church and study more when he gets back, and we are having one more lesson before he leaves this week.
Wow, P is amazing- she takes meeting with us so seriously- we met in a nearby cafe again for what was supposed to be our second and last meeting, and she had done her homework- she read the five chapters we gave her twice and her scriptures were colored with notes and papers with questions and her insights.. she has lots of questions and listens so openly for clarifications on misconceptions. We agreed to meet two days later at her house so we could finish answering her questions by teaching her about the Plan of Salvation, and we studied furiously the next two days try to be able to teach clearly. She said she's not sure why she's so fascinated with learning more, but she is. She has a few major concerns/ certain habits that we'll really be focusing on next time- there are probably five really solid, cool investigators we have found and are teaching but they all have an addiction/ social or doctrinal concern that is holding them back from setting a baptismal date. But wow, P is intelligent and lovely and it is so uplifting teaching her and seeing her devour the beauty of the gospel!
One of the hardest things about working closely with other sisters is seeing how hard they are on themselves.. I've been thinking a lot about how destructive negative thinking can be, and I know that they would never tell the mean and degrading things they tell themselves to friends or family members they love because that would be hurtful and rude and they love them.. so why should it be any different with what we say to ourselves? 

We had an interesting meeting with a lady we met on the street (I accidentally called her "Manneer" haha it was really funny, kinda like in 'Best Two Years' except I'm not a greenie, oops..), G, in the public library where she taught us about some history of all the different reformed churches of Nederland.. she let us explain a little about where we fit into all of that (apostasy, restoration), which she didn't know before but understood and found it interesting to know- but then wanted to spend most of the time teaching us how to better assimilate into Dutch culture as foreigners (we didn't mention the new helmet rule haha)-- all in all it was informative (but pretty condescending ha). 

R came to church again with Anja and Charlita which was so relieving that our bold lesson didn't ruin anything/ push him away, we're still great friends with him. 

Love you all, have a great week!! I really love this work, and am so blessed to be here serving the Lord and His children. 
Zuster Riley (((: 
This really cool former Romanian investigator named Doralin randomly showed up to church and bore his testimony about how he feels at home here and we will be seeing him again.. then set up an appt. to feed us missionaries, and wanted a pic. Seriously, it was so cool!!

Exchanges with Z. Bradley! 
Oosterheem is mooi! 

Picture from a zone luncheon, from the Bunnells' blog

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