Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 36 - End of transfer 5

 Prettige Feestdagen van de Zusters te Turnhout (: 
(Happy Holidays from the Sisters in Turnhout)

 Zwarte Piet! 

Sinterklaas Eve  

Familie Riley- 
I am staying in Turnhout, Belgium for a third transfer (my fourth in Belgium) and training again! Zuster H is leaving me for Dordrecht, Nederland.. it's unfair that we're already being separated- I really liked getting to be her companion and learned so much about obedience, boldness, keeping the right perspective, and giving it your all from the start. But her fire is needed elsewhere! So, Ermon is really promising, and showed the Restoration video to his son (who joined us at our second lesson) and to his wife (who wants to join us at our next lesson), and Eric is on a baptismal date, and Attila is still great about reading and keeping appointments - we're just really trying to help him understand that these beliefs that we hold so dear can mean something to him, too (he is a 21-year old German student), and Isaac is still coming to church and asking great questions and we visited a former investigator dubbed "Crazy M___" and as her name suggests, there is never a dull moment in that little house of hers that smells mildly like cat mixed with strong perfume and she's still been reading and wants to come back to church again. L asks good questions but doesn't really listen.. but is so sweet and hospitable and even invited us over sometime around Christmas.. and her sweet 13-year old daughter, M, listened in on our lesson and is coincidentally (like that exists.. ha we like to say "toeval bestaat niet" (no coincidences) ) good friends with a young man in our ward from school.. I'm excited to really build strong relationships with the members here, and to help these investigators take the next step. 
I love you all!

Zuster Riley (: 

By the way, this is Abdel (taken 6 weeks ago)

"Being awkward" with Tommy (: 
Our delicious groente afval (or grote afval?) (vegetable waste/compost) /
 Eating persimmons from Mia, our 80 year old neighbor

In Arendonk a few weeks ago! Love this girl!   /   Crazy M!  

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