Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 16 - 2 new mini missionaries!

Groetjes vanuit Groningen!

Beste familie~
First of all, congrats to my dear wombmate getting called to preach the gospel in a hummus-filled part of the world where the original twelve apostles also preached the gospel! That is so exciting, and missions are so great so I am so glad that my best friend ooit (ever) will get to experience one, too. (Her identical twin sister Madi opened her mission call on Thursday and will serve in the Adriatic South Mission, Oct. 29, speaking Albanian.)
Madi with her mission call letter

So on woensdag, our first mini zendeling (missionary) came, and I seriously love her. She is so great, and has us cracking up all the time. That girl sure can talk- so much for us getting 8 hrs of sleep per night haha- and sometimes gets stressed and "enters panic zone" but that's only because she's so passionate and energetic about everything. She is originally from Suriname, but has lived in the Netherlands (Rotterdam North now) since she was 16- she's 25 now and studies English Literature, Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam (how cool is that!?) and also works as a full-time nanny. Which explains why she takes such good care of us, i.e. doesn't let us leave the house without sunscreen (it's been around 35C).. "skin cancer? Not on my watch!" and makes sure we use facial moisturizers/ replenishers morning and night. 

Zuster Broekzitter, Zuster Wood's new companion, came last night, and is super mature for her age (she's 16!) and sweet and cool, but might think we're a little crazy.. last night, I thought it'd be funny to pull a little prank on her and when it was time to say nighttime companionship prayer, we closed all the curtains (to add to the effect), kneeled in a circle (like normal), and instead of praying I started chanting and murmuring and dancing, and Zusters Wood and Koulen joined in, and then we ran out of the room, and ran back in, and said "Welkom in Groningen!".. she was still kneeling on the floor, pretty shocked and wondering what she'd gotten herself into, and I caught it on camera.. haha luckily she has a good sense of humor. Then, we blew a fuse trying to plug in an American blow dryer through an adapter for Zr. Koulen's hair which resulted in freezing showers and no power, but she hasn't left yet so she's a trooper!

We've been finding people like crazy and have seen so many miracles this week, and I think the reason that we have four Zusters here is because there are so many people in this city who are searching and ready. I'm excited to improve my Dutch living with two natives- Zr. Koulen speaks perfect Dutch and English, but we only talk to Zr. Broekzitter in Dutch which is awesome. Also, last night my bike broke far away from home, and my Good Samaritan (Surinamer to be exact) Frankie was biking past and said "Zusters, follow me" and with his brother fixed my bike! I totally thought they were some of the 3 Nephites until he said if we had to repay him with something all he wanted was a beer.. instead, I gave him a BvM, telling him he'd like it because it was full of stories of nice people helping others like him. Gotta go because I wanna attach some pictures!
Veel liefs (lots of love),
Zr. Riley

thanks for the pic emails, I love 'em! Vanessa's haircut is super cute, I love the lego temple, and glad you're all supporting the Oranje!!! (: And so excited for Madi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(a sister missionary coming to Netherlands this fall asked me to ask Eliza about bringing a hair dryer):
Well the only experience I've had with a hair dryer is last night when I plugged one in (for Zr. Koulen, I don't use them) using my adapter that says it's for hair dryers.. and almost died and blew a fuse and we are still out of power/ hot water for that side of the house haha, so maybe just buy one here. And I brought ziploc bags which was really nice to have.

(When I told her that a man she met while tracting with the sister missionaries here in March was baptized this week):
NO WAY!!!! I totally remember that nice Christian man with long hair working on his car outside of the missionaries' apt. who had lots of foster kids.... AHHHHHH wow that just made me really happy. Wow.

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  1. Wow Zuster Eliza! You are having such a great mission! You are truly being blessed and protected. Your mission seems so be going so well, yet I thought missions were supposed to be hard. I love your letters home and the pictures you send. Things are certainly different for the young people who go now than when my children went on missions. It was during my youngest son's mission that the Church started allowing the missionaries to email home. That was a great thing! And digital cameras are a great thing now.
    I hope things continue to go well for you. I'm sure a lot of your success comes from you having such a perky, positive outlook on life. Your success and protection are always in my prayers.
    Love, Aunt Mary