Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 14 - Groningen


We had a super fun zone P-day playing soccer in Zwolle, but got home super late after buying some super vet Nederland jerseys downtown, which is why this is super short, which is a shame because this week was full of crazy adventures/ hilarious conversations/ exhausting days/ miracles. We were able to find 5 new investigators, hand out 8 BvMs (plus three from our first weekend together) and teach 14 lessons amidst other appointments which was so awesome- I think we're finding so many potentials because we need to build up our teaching pool- we are not getting just one, but two mini missionaries for the second half of the transfer (next week)- we'll be the first Sisters 4-pan! Spannend (: 

There were a few investigators who didn't believe my following church rules/ coming on a mission/etc. were voluntary, which I at first found a little offensive because I like to think of myself as a pretty independent person, but one such conversation led to a great conversation about freedom to choose, obedience, freedom and NOT restriction from seemingly "restricting" commandments. 

I love working with Zuster Wood, and especially admire her bold yet personable contacting techniques.

Love you all!  
Zuster Riley 

From a missionary in Haarlem (I'm sure Eliza is excited about this, if her zone is included):
We got a text from our Zone Leaders saying that we are now ''allowed and encouraged to watch all Nederland World Cup games, even the ones at 10 PM. 
Disclaimer: No going anywhere where there is alcohol.  
Next one is against Argentina, Wednesday at 10 PM.''  Hup Holland Hup!

Eliza has been so good about emailing photos home each week (between 8-23 a week, so far).  So I was sad that we didn't get any photos this week along with her short email (above). But then a few hours later, what arrives but a PACKAGE from Groningen! Eliza wanted us to show proper World Cup spirit and to enjoy the Dutch treats. She even sent a Kinder Egg for Josh (I guess she forgot that they're illegal in the USA because the toys inside are choking hazards. But thankfully, Josh is still alive and breathing).  Rachel and I had fun opening the package and tasting the treats, and I laughed because she now DOES have photos for the week!

 This is delicious: it has crushed cookie crumbs in it!



 World Cup Fever

 Eliza also visits this man, Tex
 Scenes from Groningen

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