Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 9 - photos

 Q, a member from Nigeria, who has some mad cake-making skills! 

 Bikes are pretty popular here... 

 LOL at how many more open car parking spots than bike spots there are downtown! 

 Stopped by our senior couples' appt. with some Groningen wildflowers and a card for Elder Romig's 65th birthday, and check out their living room view!

 Zuster Meier introduced me to her favorite "notenwinkel" (nut store) downtown last P-day, and it is heaven: every nut (and seasoning) and dried fruit you can imagine!

 New proselyting jumpsuits that say "Cray"

 Love this town!

 Snapping a quick selfie at a red light (bikes have their own lanes and traffic lights here! ) 

Fancy looking sorbet/ fruit "toetje" thanks to an awesome member 

This is pretty funny- remember when we were touring the White House in March and Pres. Obama happened to be in Amsterdam? Well, he stopped in Belgium for 22 hours, and Zr. Meier saved this- they printed the front page of every single newspaper in English for him, and every article is either kissing up to him or bragging about Belgium!  

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