Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 12 - photos

  Zr. Meier taught me a bike trick- arabesque on the bike stand on the back- last P-Day  

 Our beautiful bike ride home 

 A FHE chart for a cute less-active fam who I love
 K got interviewed by a friend about his conversion which turned into a really positive article on the University journal's popular website.. it's gone viral among members, too... we used to read excerpts from conference talks in ZHV (RS), but yesterday they quoted from his article haha. He is so cool, and we still meet with him 2x a week. 
Mevrouw Scholten gave me the painting I'm holding- she's not a member, but the mother of a non-member married to a member; we met her at a grandson's birthday party and promised to visit her and see her paintings/ knitting projects she told us about (and leave a message(; ), she's so nice. 

Photo of the backyard (and Harry Potter window sticker) by Zuster Meier

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