Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 67 - Transfer 11

The 3 Sisters Pub

Matching in Z. Nyakoh's favorite.. we'll miss our babyKoko!

  No wonder this place is packed with tourists- Amsterdam is beautiful.

Doing service with Shamantha (the awesome yoga instructor, thus the pose).

Amsterdam / Selfie with Alexandra!

The district.

I sure love Familie Z! They bought us these cute bags to thank us for the carrot cake/ Am. brownies that we made them to thank them for making us delicious roti.. haha I sense a pattern here.

Hey Fam,
Z. Lemich and Hopkin (she's so great and easy-going and good at art and baking and speaking Latin and is from Cincinnati) is with us for 2 weeks while she waits for bbKoko to come back from the MTC and serve with her in Den Haag) and I have seen some cool miracles this week and are having fun while we're at it! We set some cool goals for this transfer and are all excited to work hard and give it our all here. 

So, we've been going over to visit with A (recent convert) and C (daughter who loves girls camp and wants to be baptized but her father Roy doesn't approve) and teaching her the lessons, and it has been so cool to see R and older sister N warm up to us- R sits in on the lessons and testifies about Christ right alongside us and is SUCH a kind, serving, charitable man, and N sat in on our lesson last week (the first time she's ever showed any such interest) and we're becoming good friends with her, too - I sure love that family a lot. We had a cool lesson with Alexandra, talking about prophets and getting to know Pres. Monson better. 

A few weeks ago, we were looking someone up in a big apt. complex and two girls our age walked in, and the first one was not interested in talking to us at all when we contacted her- but her friend was super nice and said we could swing by her place sometime and share ideas (she's Hindu but interested in learning about different religions), and gave us her address. Last week, we swung by, and her mom told us over the intercom that C (that's her name) wouldn't be home until later that night, but as we were turning to leave, we ran into her coming home. She was super friendly and said that since she'd be leaving on vacation at the end of the week to Suriname for 5 weeks, we'd have to meet tomorrow at 13u (fine with us). The following day we showed up, rang a few times, and no one answered. Then C walked through the lobby door and apologized that her doorbell intercom was broken, and we went out back to a park and had a really cool lesson about the Restoration of the gospel and the Book of Mormon. Really cool as in we felt the Spirit when she shared her testimony of prayer with us, and she said she will definitely read the BoM and of course would make changes in her life if she came to know if it's true. Summer vacation is taking her, along with quite a few other new investigators, out of town, but she wants to meet with us when she gets back, and even suggested we come inside and meet her family next time and cook delicious Indian food with her (somehow food always gets brought up when we talk to people haha(; ). 

When we were taking a train to Leiden Centraal for transfers, a young guy standing across from me was on his phone and apparently intended to slyly snap a picture of me.. well, to the surprise of the crowded train car, his loud, bright flash went off. I was a little shocked and smiled at him for an explanation and asked him if it worked, but he just ignored me and turned bright red and suddenly seemed very interested in his phone screen for the remainder of the ride. The friendly young guys near us thought that was pretty funny/ weird, too ha. 

When we were going to visit Z. K (who we haven't been able to get a hold of for weeks) one evening, we were parking and locking up our bikes when a rough & tough looking young girl asked us what church we were from and ended up explaining that her family was baptized a few years ago but doesn't come anymore, and she wants to slowly come back and learn more. We had a lesson with her and her boyfriend a few days later, and talked a lot about commandments and agency and true happiness. She and her bf were planning on coming to sacrament meeting, but ended up sleeping in too late. 

After look-ups and a ward picnic in Den Haag (we still go to DH a few days to work with Z. Hopkin's people there), we swung by the church bldg. to do some planning and in walked an older Surinamese couple, who told us they had been handed a Book of Mormon a few days ago and wanted to check out the church. Turns out that was the lady that Zuster Lemich was talking to on the tram last week on transfer day, who actually asked for a copy of the BoM right then and there, and luckily Z. Hopkin whipped one out to give her. And a few days later, they walk into the church, wanting to come to a service next week, and to learn more! So cool.
Love you!!! Fijne week,
Zuster Riley (:

For every good picture, I like to take a funny picture.

Z. Hopkin!

Familie Verdegem (from Gent)!

Going to the picnic.

Alexandra took us to Amsterdam!

Perfect place for a Christmas baby!

These 2 photos are from Zuster Voss

Photo from the Verdegems

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