Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 60 - End of Transfer 9

 We love us some Baby Koko!
 Cute houses in Scheveningen (coastal city where we teach Chinese Yali English)  
With A- she showed us around Leiden. (: 

Oleah and Rosanne! Love these li'l cuties. (:  

I love Lucie! 


 Wearing jeans/ service with Lucie! 

 Rosanne and Oleah again!

 Cool public gym playground in Oosterheem! 

 From Zuster Lemich: We carried an ironing board on our bikes...hahaha go sister Riley!

 Look who I got to see (don't worry, got that permission)- so nice of them to swing by and say "hi"!!!!! (A family from our ward in Florida, including Eliza's former seminary teacher, stopped by to see Eliza while on a trip through Europe!)

Hoi Familie Riley!
I am happy to report that I will be staying in Zoetermeer next transfer with Zuster Lemich and Zuster Nyakoh (Z. Nyakoh leaves to the MTC 26 June).

On Tuesday evening, we had a really cool lesson with C, A, and R. A was baptized a few years ago and comes to yoga every week, but her Catholic husband, R, only likes her to go to church about once a month. C is 15 and loves the Zusters and youth conference which she goes to and wants to serve a mission because it seems fun and exciting.. but R didn't want her to become a member (doesn't think rebaptism is necessary). But, we ended up going over to work on some personal progress with C, and we read lots of scriptures about the atonement and R sat in and participated and wow, the Spirit is so strong when you testify about Jesus Christ. A told us later that Roy has decided to let them do their own thing and is feeling much more positive towards their involvement with the Church.. and, he wants to have us over to teach us how to cook delicious veggies with Surinaams herbs.
We went to sushi with A, and she is so cool- we even met her friend, J, who wants to meet up with us as well. It's cool connecting as friends/ "normal people" and having the subject of faith come up naturally, and I hope we can start really teaching them.

Saturday afternoon, we had a lesson with Br. Palacio's coworker and wife (and two children) in the Palacios' home.. member referrals are gold, and I'm always honored when members trust us to help represent the gospel to coworkers/ neighbors/ friends. The couple, M and I, are agnostic, but M was pretty curious with questions about what sets our faith apart from ie Catholicism (we ended up talking a lot about modern-day prophets), and while I has pretty much decided that now that she's older and wiser, she'd have to see God to believe in Him, she's really interested in family history, and has definitely heard of our church associated with that.

Saturday evening was a beautiful baptismal service for Lucie and Rosanne- you could really feel the love of the members for the family, and Ruud was able to skype in, and the talks/ songs/ Spirit there was amazing. And M even came with her husband (Lucie came along for a lesson/ church tour a few weeks ago for M and had invited her to her baptism!).

There was a neat RS activity with the Wassnaar ward about dealing with special needs children, and C came and told us she enjoyed it a lot more than she thought she would. 
This week was so great, and I love this work. Thanks for your love and support and amazing PACKAGE. (:
Veel liefs, 
Zuster Riley (: 

 Zuster Lemich made us delicious Thai coconut curry. 

Love finding this on my camera (; /  You know you're in Nederland when candy stores have walls covered in all shapes & sizes of drop (black licorice)

Our friends visiting the Netherlands said they were taking along an empty suitcase and could fill it with stuff we wanted to send to Eliza...  so we loaded it up! Dried fruit, nuts, homemade granola, a stuffed penguin, a-letter-a-day for several days, photos, etc... here's Josh's packaging for the granola - maybe his drawings are not quite "missionary appropriate" but I love his "maple syrup from free-range maple trees"
THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE wow sooooo goood, I love it so much wow you know me so well it's like Christmas having all these things to open and delicious treats!!! And Zuster Lemich has the same taste buds so we are in HEAVEN and Zuster Nyakoh loves the dried mango especially!! I LOVE the pics/ Christmas letters/ having something every day!!!  They were so nice to come out of their way to drop it off, and luckily caught us right before we had to leave! Haha Br. Armbruster said to read chapter 3 of his book and made me promise to give it away to one of the expats in Wassenaar. By the way, Zuster Nyakoh is sitting right here and wants to thank you for the delicious food, and she's been sleeping with my penguin (her bed is in a separate room so we didn't want her to be lonely) and loves it as well.

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