Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week 56 - Pre-koningsdag

 Zoetermeer is really diverse! 

Dutch women wall art 

Hoi Familie Riley-
Z. Lemich and I snuck on the computers this nice saturday morning because we were bored and felt like emailing- JUST KIDDING ha we're going to be out in Den Haag talking to people at our booth at the vrijmarkt on Monday for Koningsdag, so today is our P-day. (: 

We've been all over the place for different appointments and visits, but quite a few of our investigators are leaving on vacation next week for spring break so we'll have lots of time to find new people to work with, who are ready for this blije boodschap of the restored gospel. Which btw is especially fun when it's sunny outside, ah I love it. 

We went over to a sweet American (married to a Dutch man) lady's house on Tuesday for dinner- she's not a member (she definitely is a Christian), but grew up in Houston and later Naples, Fl and has always had good friends who are members of the Church- she even went to early-morning seminary during high school years ago in Texas because she was dating a member- and comes to the wijkwassenaar RS activities and is so sweet. She didn't want to be preached at, but she kept saying how we were good, smart, young people and how of course she's going to be hospitible to the Lord's servants. 

Another cool experience with a non-member opening up to us thanks to positive contact throughout the years through good member friends, was Sister B- she and her husband are Lutheran, but come with their 6 kids to wijkwassenaar when they can because they feel at home there. We went over to help with laundry/ dishes/ cute little baby twins (her other set of twins and other two kids were at school) and had such a good friendly, uplifting chat, and we're going to come back regularly to help her out. I already feel such a good spirit in her home, and can't wait to get to know her and her sweet family better. 

Z. Lemich and I had a spicy contest with Indonesian sambal and my tolerance is going up- she's rubbing off on me, I'm starting to love spicy food ha. We ran into Chys last week, and she disappointedly told us that her mom was a little weirded out that some random church women wanted to meet up with her daughter so wouldn't let her come to our lunch date/ lesson Chys'd planned for us- but Z. Lemich and I actually swung by her mom's house a few afternoons later just to introduce ourselves, and it was so good- she seemed really relieved to meet us and see that we weren't trying to change or brainwash her daughter, just inviting her to fun and wholesome activities and answering Chys's questions to us about what we do. Her mom was so cute and sweet and introduced the little sister to us and even said she'd probably want to come check out church herself just to see what it entails- I think she was surprised to hear that there are "normal", religious young people and her curiousity was a little peaked. 

Thanks so much for the prayers and love and support- they are really felt and appreciated. (: 
Happy King's Day! Wear orange on Monday. (: 
Zuster Riley (: 

Z. Lemich being a hippie tree-hugger on Earth Day (: 

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