Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week 50 - Zoetermeer


 With Z. Faa 

 We went in the church where the royal Dutch "Huis van Oranje" is buried

 This is our view every time we bike to the church! Beautiful. 

We made hats with Bisschop N's family for gezinsavond.  

Hey Familie O'Riley! 
So on Tuesday, we had an appt. with L  (the moeder) and R  (she's 9), who come from a part-member Dutch family (their 12-yr old boy recently got baptized, and Br. D  is now active again) and they are so good. They have been taught and come to everything, and L  had good questions about certain commonly used gospel vernacular that she hears thrown around all the time but doesn't have a clear definition in her head of, so we made her a list and it was actually a really nice, clear review for me to compile that list. Makes ya think about how simple yet amazing the fundamentals of the gospel are- and made me think about the difference between knowing and believing the doctrine. Using a baptismal calendar, we decided with them that we will go through all the lessons again over the course of 6 weeks to ensure that they feel ready to be baptized at the end of 6 weeks.
I met A, who is so sweet and btw has the coolest bright pink woolen dreadlocks and who came to the muziekavond 15 mins late so sat in her car listening (didn't want to disrupt it) but she loved it so much that she wants to go to the performance in Rotterdam in a few weeks- and wants to bring friends! She is also thinking about baptism. We've been struggling getting investigators to church, but hopefully these activities they've been attending (musical fireside, yoga, English lessons, RS activities, etc.) will help them feel more comfortable in the church building with the members for when they do come. Sounds like there are some English-speaking inactive families/ visitors who we will be getting to work with from wijkwassenaar.

Yesterday at church, two sweet elderly Swiss women were on a European temple vacation and I got to translate for them (Dutch-German.. I sat next to them to introduce myself, and when we started to speak auf deutsch, they were excited and had me sit in the middle to translate)..ha it was definitely more like simply paraphrasing the talks/ lesson, but it was still relieving that not all my deutsch is lost, and they were so strong- I loved their desire to strengthen their faith even more day by day. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't forget to leave your shoes out for the leprechauns tonight.. I'm introducing Z. Faa to that tradition. 
Zuster O'Riley 

 View from the Delft tower 

Z. Voss came to work with us on woensdag and it was so sunny and we were all just walking around singing and harmonzing and made some friends that way, it was fun. 

Companion/ Elders/ Dave (a cool member who was a great tour guide around Delft)

 Zoetermeer is beautiful!
Boat traffic! 

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