Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 18 photos -- last week in Groningen

Saying g'bye! :( 

Bringing our mattresses downstairs for our last hurrah sleepover before the mini zendelingen leave!  

Letting go that certain investigators dropped/ disappointed/ deceived us 
We had a little "bonfire" to burn the papers from the Laat Het Los Pot (inspired by the girls camp Let It Go Jar) 
(left) Let it Go Jar
(right) Zr. Sprott! Familie Sprott is so cool and give their lives for the church and have 8 kids and are from Curacao 

Zr. Koulen wearing my BSU shirt

We learned how to fly..  

.. and fall  

 Walking to a joint dinner appt.!

 Studying in our cocoons (it's really hot during the day in Groningen, just not in the morning sometimes thus the blankets I guess) 
 Zr. Koulen was really tired in the morning

out for ice cream on P-day -- Elder Lind (from Tallahassee, Fl!) goes home this week! 

Some nice Dutch cows 


Zuster Wood loves Kinderboerderijen! (petting zoos)  

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